Jiangsu Hengcheng-Resumption Notice!

Dear Customer:After approval by relevant departments, our production base officially resumed on February 24. Here, we sincerely thank the government departments for their strong support and enthusiastic guidance, and sincerely thank all employees for their active cooperation and efforts. Hengcheng joins everyone in the same stor…


Weighing equipment at the entrance to high-speed toll stations will be extended to the province

Xin'an Evening News Anhui website (www.ahwang.cn) news "Yu E license, 6 axis, nuclear load 49 tons, actual load 39.65 tons", at 10 am on December 22, this Henan truck entered the Jiguang Expressway Af…

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Application of weighing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry

Weighing equipment is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, such as material storage and storage, production and packaging of raw materials, pharmaceutical preparation, inspection, and productio…

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