Dear friends,

First of all, on behalf of Hengcheng Enterprise and all my colleagues, I would like to express my sincere regards and heartfelt thanks to friends who have cared for, supported and helped our factory construction and development for a long time! Warm welcome to all friends who are willing to cooperate with our factory! !!

Jiangsu Hengcheng Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. upholds the concept of “innovation towards an“ international and professional weighing system company ”and strives for“ innovation ”, keeps improving, and makes the company stand on a new starting point with excellent quality. The company focuses on the development of weighing equipment and processing of weighing products into two major business segments, and is committed to becoming a large-scale weighing company in Jiangsu Province. Here, on behalf of the company, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all partners and people from all walks of life who have given us care and support!

There are many rivers and seas, but capacity is great; if you don't choose a trickle, you can deepen it. In view of this, we adhere to the unique operating model of China's weighing equipment industry, focus on quality assurance, scientific management, enhance technical strength, and achieve leap-forward development to maximize comprehensive strength.

We uphold the concepts of integrity, openness, and win-win, and are willing to cooperate with friends from various circles at home and abroad to create brilliant!