High-precision digital truck scale solution

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Widely used in: cement, steel, glass, coal mine, pharmaceutical, feed, building materials, PVC plastic, rubber, compound fertilizer, brick-making, food, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, chemical, paint, oil, medicine, daily chemical, food, beverage , And many other industries.

High-precision digital truck scale (10-300T)

In the field of electronic weighing, with the development of electronic measurement technology and microelectronic technology, electronic weighing technology has also realized the transition from analog weighing to digital weighing, which represents the development trend of electronic weighing technology. Digital truck scales using digital weighing technology are undoubtedly the more advanced electronic truck scales. 


Technical advantages of digital truck scales

● High accuracy:

Digital weighing instruments directly process digital signals, eliminating the shortcomings of analog weighing instruments in "sensitive areas". The instrument's anti-interference and field adaptability have been greatly improved, and its high-precision measurement capabilities have been greatly enhanced. The realization of a weighing system with measuring accuracy offers the possibility.

● Strong anti-interference ability:

Because the A / D conversion is completed directly inside the sensor, the sensor directly outputs digital signals, which overcomes the shortcomings of susceptible to interference in the transmission of tiny analog signals of previous analog sensors, enhances the anti-interference ability of the system, and improves the signal resolution and stability Sex.

● Intelligent:

Digital truck scale instruments are more concise, convenient and user-friendly in terms of fault detection, on-site accurate determination of faulty sensors, automatic digital angle correction during installation, digital linear correction, and independent sensor measurement detection.

● Strong measurement adaptability:

Digital instruments have lower requirements for the use environment and sensor sensitivity of truck scales than analog truck scales, and the range of signal processing is larger than that of analog truck scales.

● Prevent cheating:

The transmission and processing of pure digital signals eliminates the possibility of current measurement cheating by changing analog signals, and enhances the weighing safety and true accuracy of truck scales.



Body characteristics:

(1) The height of the main beam is 360mm. Bending strength can be increased by 50%;

(2) Continuous welding makes the inner cavity of the weighing platform completely sealed and is not easy to rust;

(3) The weighing platform adopts U-shaped main beam, which effectively solves the measurement error caused by the bending of the weighing platform;

(4) Large-scale shot blasting equipment for overall rust removal, scale removal, improving the roughness of metal surfaces, and improving the adhesion of anti-rust paint

(5) Improve the corrosion resistance of the weighing platform and prolong the service life of the weighing platform

(6) Reduce the welding stress of the scale body. Through shot blasting, the welding stress can be effectively reduced by nearly 70%.

(7) The weighing platform has undergone full load loading and unloading experiments on a large-scale fatigue testing machine, and the weighing platform has no deformation; 


High-precision load cell

1) High precision, high reliability and good stability;

2) It adopts a bridge structure, which can be automatically reset and adjusted; it has good resistance to lateral forces and impact;

3) Easy installation and good interchangeability;

4) Using advanced A / D conversion technology and intelligent filtering and compensation algorithms, it can output a stable 1 million yards (with an internal resolution of 16 million yards);

5) Adopt 4-wire RS485 transmission signal (6 lines with power supply), full-duplex transmission, faster speed and higher transmission reliability;

6) Reliable data storage technology to ensure that module parameters are not lost;

7) Has good electromagnetic compatibility performance and strong electrostatic protection ability;

8) Low-functional design, only 11mA function, digital sensor power consumption is about 25mA. Can effectively reduce heat and extend transmission distance.



Digital weighing display (with printing)

1) SCM is fast and compatible with different protocols

● You can view the output signal of a single digital sensor

● Automatic / manual correction of four-corner deviation; automatic detection of the working condition of each digital sensor

● Optional second digital sensor interface to improve signal acquisition speed and solve the compatibility problem of connecting two different digital sensors with different protocols at the same time.

2) There is no need to recalibrate after changing the meter: the consistency of the meter is good. There is no need to recalibrate when changing the meter, just enter the parameters of the original instrument and use it.

3) Remote upgrade and restructuring: Provide (ISP) remote upgrade and restructuring services.

4) Chinese printing customization: Custom printing format, optional serial printing interface and thermal printer.

5) Reliable protection and anti-interference: adopt hardware protection measures to effectively reduce external interference and interface damage.


Signal junction box

1) Stainless steel shell, special sealed joint, durable and good sealing;

2) The use of high precision, low drift resistance and potentiometer to ensure the accuracy and stability of the system work;

3) The sensor wiring and signal cables are equipped with terminal blocks to ensure reliable connection. The code mark next to the welding point is convenient for user wiring.


Truck scale main parameters:





Static accuracy level: OIML III

Static weighing accuracy: 0.1%

Weighing platform stiffness: better than 1/1000

Safety overload: ≧ 150%

Extreme overload: ≧ 250%

Scale structure: modular structure

Sensor parameters:

Comprehensive accuracy: OIML C3

Creep (30 minutes): ± 0.013% F.S

Non-linearity: ± 0.010% F.S

Lightning protection: 10000A (maximum test index)

Maximum limit overload: 300% F.S

Instrument parameters:

Accuracy level: in line with OIMLR76, GB / T7723-2008 national standard III

Display graduation value: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100 optional

Baud rate: 600 ~ 9600 optional

Temperature drift: ≤50ppm / ℃

Relative humidity: ≤85% R.H

Non-linear error: ≤0.005% F.S, including non-linear automatic correction software

Input signal range: RS485, RS232 or 4-20mA current loop interface

Advantages of steel structure truck scale products;

The introduction of large-scale "large robot automatic welding", "large automatic pre-arch machine", "NC bending machine", "NC shearing machine", "NC laser cutting machine" and other special equipment, the main beam of the scale body is folded by special equipment Bent into a U-shaped beam. U-shaped steel structure scale body is by far the most reasonable electronic truck scale body structure in China. The U-shaped steel load-bearing main beam is cut according to the length without joints, and has higher welding strength than ordinary steel main beams with joints. The U-shaped steel support platform has a distance of 1/2 smaller than that of ordinary steel, which is close to the width of automobile tires. it is good.

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