Explosion-proof bench scale (small scale)


Suitable for use in various explosive hazardous environments (except under mines). Accuracy class Ⅲ;

Platform scales, cylinder scales, forklift scales, mobile scales, etc. can be manufactured into various explosion-proof small scales;

Optional analog or digital configuration;

Three explosion-proof modes can be used;

Explosion-proof scale series

An electronic scale that can be used in places where there is a danger of explosion is called an explosion-proof scale. In order to ensure safety, explosion-proof scales are required in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, food, textile and other industries.

Explosions can occur when oxygen (air), explosive substances, and detonating sources (such as electric sparks, hot surfaces) are present in the environment. Explosion-proof instruments must control at least one of these factors to achieve the purpose of explosion protection. This is the principle of an explosion triangle.

Users should pay attention to the selection:

1 First determine the hazardous media and the area in which it is used

2 Determine the explosion-proof type, category, level and temperature group of the instrument in turn

3 Gas explosion and dust explosion are completely different; coal mine explosion and conventional explosion are completely different

4 The installation and use of explosion-proof instruments must be carried out in strict accordance with the construction specifications

5 Intrinsically safe equipment must be equipped with related equipment such as safety barriers when connecting with non-intrinsically safe equipment

basic configuration

Intrinsically safe type (intrinsically safe type): intrinsically safe type is mostly used on explosion-proof bench scales and explosion-proof small scales

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