Weighing equipment at the entrance to high-speed toll stations will be extended to the province

Xin'an Evening News Anhui website (www.ahwang.cn) news "Yu E license, 6 axis, nuclear load 49 tons, actual load 39.65 tons", at 10 am on December 22, this Henan truck entered the Jiguang Expressway After seeing the above information displayed on the computer at Huo Qiu Fengjing Toll Station, the toller Xiaohu issued a pass to the driver.

Fengjing Toll Station is the first expressway entrance in the province to be equipped with a dynamic weighing detection system. It was officially opened early this month, and it also marked the first high-speed joint control super-point in the province to be launched. Xia Zechang, deputy captain of the Anhui Highway and Highway Administration Corps, said that the next step will be to promote the "Feng Jing mode" in the province's high-speed super-supervision.

Multiple accidents caused by overloaded vehicles

Due to the frequent export and transfer of local and surrounding mineral resources, for a long time, there have been many overloaded vehicles such as gravel transport vehicles passing through the Fengjing toll station. "Jiguang Expressway Zhouji section of the Huaihe River Bridge has to spend more than 3 million yuan to repair the expansion joints in one year. The culprit is the continuous overloading of rolling bridges by overloaded vehicles." Anhui Transportation Holding Group Co., Ltd. Lu'an Management Office Related The person in charge introduced, "Overload cars are often one after another, and they are on the high speed!"

According to reports, about 3,000 trucks entered the expressway from Fengjing Toll Station every day, 70% of which were overloaded. Among them, about 20% were severely overloaded vehicles with a load of 55 tons or more, and there were even 70 to 80 tons of "Big Mac "Overloaded vehicles not only cause damage to bridge pavements, waste a lot of maintenance funds, but also pose a potential safety hazard. About 60% of accidents on this high-speed road occurred in this section of about 20 kilometers long and concentrated vehicles. Including a traffic accident that killed five people in December last year. "

For this reason, in late October this year, Lu'an highways, highway administrations, and high-speed owner units combined with toll stations were retrofitted, and weighing equipment was installed at the entrance of the expressway to prevent over-loaded vehicles from entering the highway at the entrance. The first high-speed entrance toll station in the province to install weighing equipment.

"Contact" is about to unload the goods

Zhang Dongyang, director of the Lu'an Highway Bureau, told Xinan Evening News and reporters from Anhui.com that in the past, there were no restrictions on overloaded trucks at high-speed entrances. No matter how many cards were issued, weights were charged for high-speed hours. After the weighing equipment, all trucks ready to drive into the high speed must be weighed. Once the overloaded vehicle exceeds the weighing equipment, an alarm will be triggered, and the toll collector will refuse to issue a pass to the car.

According to Zhang Dongyang, Fengjing Expressway's joint supervising station is equal to the joint enforcement of multiple units such as highways, supervising stations, road administration, traffic police and toll stations, which basically achieves 24 hours of uninterrupted operation. Once dual overtaking triggers an alarm on the weighing equipment, law enforcement personnel will guide Cars will be unloaded at the nearby Zhichao Station of the main country and province, and the card will not be issued until the road is unloaded.

"In the two months of trial operation, it should be said that the effect has begun to appear. The inspection rate of the entrance of the heavy-duty trucks was 100%. None of the overloaded vehicles was on the high speed. "Zhang Dongyang said that no accident occurred on this road within two months, and the operating unit also reported that the road and bridge maintenance costs had dropped by nearly 20%.

"This time the installation of weighting equipment at the entrance of Fengjing Toll Station and the unveiling of the joint management super-point, it can be said that the Anhui high-speed super-supervise" started off ", it was a" breakthrough "attempt." Said Xia Zechang, deputy captain.

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