Explosion-proof weighing system (metering module)

Category:Explosion-proof truck scale

1. Features

① Have both gas explosion certification and dust explosion certification;

② Rich interfaces: such as RS232, RS485, 4-20mA analog, large screen, switch, relay output, etc., can be customized according to customer needs;

③Complete functions: functions such as upper and lower limit alarm, fixed value alarm, fixed value output, etc. can be customized according to customer needs;

④ The cabinet is suitable for most instruments, and the E0811 flameproof instrument cabinet can be selected according to the user's instrument size;

2. Use environment

In terms of explosive gas environment, the scope of use of this instrument is relatively smaller than that of intrinsically safe instruments, but it is still suitable for most explosive gas environments. In addition, this instrument is also suitable for most explosive dust environments;

Typical applications: petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting, coking, gunpowder, granaries, coatings, flour mills, finishing, etc. (refer to the hazardous environment confirmation form);

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