Explosion-proof electronic platform scale

Category:Explosion-proof truck scale

It is suitable for use in various explosive hazardous environments (except under mines), and the accuracy class III is generally more intrinsically safe.

Developed and manufactured for small goods weighing from tens of kilograms to hundreds of kilograms;

There are many types of bench scales according to different use occasions, consumption levels, appearance structures, etc .;

According to the structure of the scale frame: welded square pipe structure, welded round pipe structure, stamping structure, aluminum die-casting structure;

According to the weighing platform (face mask): 304 stainless steel, 201 stainless iron, carbon steel spraying, carbon steel spraying, etc .;

According to the individual needs of users: mobile platform scales, pole-free platform scales, waterproof platform scales, explosion-proof platform scales, anti-corrosive platform scales, etc .;

According to the function of the instrument: ordinary weighing platform scale, counting platform scale, pricing platform scale;

Table size: 300mmx300mm ~ 800mmx1000mm;

Maximum weighing: 60kg ~ 1000kg;

Common functions: zero setting, peeling, zero tracking, overload reminder, AC / DC dual-use, etc .;

Accuracy level: III;

OEM and ODM production according to customer requirements;

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