OCS-XZ Single Display Hanging Scale

Category:Electronic hook scale

OCS-XZ Single Display Hanging Scale + Wireless Display (1-10T)





● LCD (liquid crystal) is suitable for outdoor use.

● Good dynamic weighing performance, which will not affect the weighing result due to the shaking of heavy objects.

● High integration and high reliability.

● High precision and high stability brought by internal resolution of 1,000,000.

● Automatic shutdown function.

● Automatic recording of the last 13 weighing records is not affected by power off.

● LCD type built-in backlight (illumination system), which can display clearly even in dark environment.

● Optional wireless remote control for easy operation.

● Optional wireless display instrument, wireless data transmission distance of 200 meters, so that the crane scale has the advantages of looking directly at the crane scale and wireless crane scale.

The main technical parameters

● Weighing accuracy: meet the national standard III scale standard

● Continuous working time of the battery on a single charge: 150 hours (LCD type does not turn on the backlight); 60 hours (when LCD type turns on the backlight).

● Rated overload: 120% F.S

● Working environment temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ (LCD type) (please contact the manufacturer when hanging hot objects such as molten steel)

● Ambient humidity: ≤90% R.H

● Display specifications: LCD type: 5-digit 33mm (1.3 ") LCD display

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